Pit Stop #29: Les Roches

Our visit to Les Roches completed the trifecta of extraordinary hospitality universities in Switzerland, all NECHE accredited (Les Roches since 2006) and all three among the top five-rated hospitality universities in the world. Yep, the world. It’s clearly no coincidence that this trio calls Switzerland home. Given the hospitality we encountered every moment of our trip, we…Continue readingPit Stop #29: Les Roches

Pit Stop #28: Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion Institute of Higher Education is just up the road (or up the mountain, to be exact) from Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, our last post.  Last Saturday, we hiked up 1100 steps and by chance passed the doors to Glion. We were about five miles into our nine-mile jaunt, and if Glion’s doors had been open, we…Continue readingPit Stop #28: Glion Institute of Higher Education

Pit Stop #27: Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne

It’s always humbling to realize that one of the institutions we accredit is very highly regarded within its own sphere of influence. The Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL), our first stop in Switzerland on this European road trip, is ranked as the world’s best university of hospitality management by international surveys that measure academic quality, graduate…Continue readingPit Stop #27: Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne

Pit Stop #26: The American College of the Mediterranean

Our second stop on this global road trip was to the American College of the Mediterranean and yes, ACM’S location is as breathtaking as its name suggests. My wife controls the photography for these posts and she couldn’t stop taking shots all morning, so I suspect this post will be full of those golden images.…Continue readingPit Stop #26: The American College of the Mediterranean

Pit Stop #25: Paris College of Art

The first stop on our NECHE European road trip began on a fortuitous note. The flight from Boston to Paris takes a mere six hours, and despite some anxiousness about international travel these days, we simply showed our vaccination cards and passports at Logan and clambered aboard. Landing at 6 a.m. on an August Sunday…Continue readingPit Stop #25: Paris College of Art

Back on the Road Again…

One of the things about NECHE that often surprises folks is that we accredit a dozen colleges and universities abroad. Although most of our U.S.-based schools offer students the opportunity to study abroad and many have formal affiliations with universities across the world, that’s not what we are talking about here.  These dozen international institutions are…Continue readingBack on the Road Again…

Reflecting on my first year as NECHE President

As I close out my first year as President of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), I wanted to share some personal reflections on the state of accreditation, on a few things that have surprised me, and some opportunities I see for the future.   First, a bit about how I came to sit…Continue readingReflecting on my first year as NECHE President

An insightful conversation with a Man in the Know.

One of NECHE’s regular speakers at our Annual Meeting is Terry Hartle, longtime Senior Vice President for Government Relations at the American Council in Education (ACE). Terry spoke for an hour at our Presidents-only early morning breakfast session (BYO breakfast, of course, since we were all virtual), focusing on what we can expect out of…Continue readingAn insightful conversation with a Man in the Know.

A newsy update (and Dr. Fauci)!

Our first road trip has come to an end (it actually ended November 1, although we kept the posts coming for a few more weeks), and given the state of the pandemic, it will likely be a while before we head off on the next multi-stop trip. That said, I do have a few visits…Continue readingA newsy update (and Dr. Fauci)!

Pit Stop #24: Pine Manor College

Once Betty and I staggered back to Boston after 13 days on the road, I realized we had only 23 posts in the bank, but had promised 25. A problem easily fixed, of course. I decided to request a visit with President Tom O’Reilly at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, thirty minutes from…Continue readingPit Stop #24: Pine Manor College