A few words about safety.

Although we are now (hopefully) on the other side of the pandemic, we still wanted you to know how we prepared when we traveled to our first dozen schools in 2020-21.

When we first contemplated going out on the road to visit colleges and universities during these precarious times, the safety of the people we visited (and ourselves) was our top priority. Both of us got tested two days before we set out and were tested again halfway through the trip. During our visits on campus and in offices, we wore masks the entire time (except for the 2-minute photo sessions — which may look misleading but only occurred so you could see the faces of folks), and you can see we consistently maintained 6 feet of social distance between Larry and his interviewees. We were also incredibly impressed by the Covid cautions practiced by the institutions we visited, and their commitment to student and staff safety. Thank you so much for that!