About NECHE on the Road

As the new president of this venerable organization, I decided the best way I could fully understand the challenges and unique strengths of the schools we serve was to go out and see the institutions for myself, talk to their leaders, and even visit with some of their students. It’s a chance for me to learn about…Continue readingAbout NECHE on the Road

Reflecting on my first year as NECHE President

As I close out my first year as President of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), I wanted to share some personal reflections on the state of accreditation, on a few things that have surprised me, and some opportunities I see for the future.   First, a bit about how I came to sit…Continue readingReflecting on my first year as NECHE President

An insightful conversation with a Man in the Know.

One of NECHE’s regular speakers at our Annual Meeting is Terry Hartle, longtime Senior Vice President for Government Relations at the American Council in Education (ACE). Terry spoke for an hour at our Presidents-only early morning breakfast session (BYO breakfast, of course, since we were all virtual), focusing on what we can expect out of…Continue readingAn insightful conversation with a Man in the Know.

A newsy update (and Dr. Fauci)!

Our first road trip has come to an end (it actually ended November 1, although we kept the posts coming for a few more weeks), and given the state of the pandemic, it will likely be a while before we head off on the next multi-stop trip. That said, I do have a few visits…Continue readingA newsy update (and Dr. Fauci)!

Pit Stop #24: Pine Manor College

Once Betty and I staggered back to Boston after 13 days on the road, I realized we had only 23 posts in the bank, but had promised 25. A problem easily fixed, of course. I decided to request a visit with President Tom O’Reilly at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, thirty minutes from…Continue readingPit Stop #24: Pine Manor College

Pit Stop #23: University of Southern Maine

Today, the best known Speaker of the House in Maine is Sarah Gideon, who was hoping (unsuccessfully) to unseat sitting Senator Susan Collins. Today I met the former Speaker Glenn Cummings, who is equally impressive and now five years into his presidency of the University of Southern Maine (USM). After serving as Speaker, Glenn worked…Continue readingPit Stop #23: University of Southern Maine

Pit Stop #22: University of New England

Our final stop before we headed home was a visit with NECHE Commissioner and University of New England (UNE) President James Herbert. With 1,600 miles of road behind us and the fabulous city of Portland as our last rest stop, we were able to meet James in his office on UNE’s Portland campus. Biddeford is…Continue readingPit Stop #22: University of New England

Pit Stop #21: College of the Atlantic

This afternoon was visit #21 and by now, you’d think we’d be getting a little tired of the whole road trip thing. Truth be told, we were tired and the day turned cold and rainy, with the forecast of snow overnight. It was still October for heaven’s sake! Welcome to New England, I guess. So,…Continue readingPit Stop #21: College of the Atlantic

Pit Stop #20: University of Maine System

How’s this for a set of impressive careers? Lawyer, Mayor, Governor, and Chancellor. (I know I’m forgetting one, because I asked Chancellor Dan Malloy what he was planning for his sixth career.) When I asked which of his jobs had caused him to lose the most sleep, Malloy answered candidly, “Pretty much each one.” He…Continue readingPit Stop #20: University of Maine System

Pit Stop #19: University of Maine

Joan Ferrini-Mundy is a little over two years into her leadership of Maine’s flagship campus, the University of Maine –as well as the University of Maine at Machias, University of Maine’s 240-acre regional campus on the coast. She brings an extraordinary background to her role, most recently as Chief Operating Officer of the National Science…Continue readingPit Stop #19: University of Maine

Pit Stop #18: University of Maine at Augusta

(Caveat: The day we visited University of Maine at Augusta was not the best for showing off the beautiful campus. It was overcast and most of the leaves had blown and gone home for the winter. So Betty decided to take photos of UMA’s great outdoor sculpture — with the campus in the background. Just…Continue readingPit Stop #18: University of Maine at Augusta