About NECHE on the Road

As the new president of this venerable organization, I decided the best way I could fully understand the challenges and unique strengths of the schools we serve was to go out and see the institutions for myself, talk to their leaders, and even visit with some of their students. It’s a chance for me to learn about…Continue readingAbout NECHE on the Road

Pit Stop #51: Ralston College

Today, one reads story after story of colleges closing, but rarely if ever do we hear about new institutions of higher education starting up. Part of the reason that’s such a rare occurrence is that the obstacles facing such start-ups are immense, from regulatory and accreditation hurdles to declining demographics and the steep financial cost…Continue readingPit Stop #51: Ralston College

Pit Stop #50: Massachusetts School of Law

My own three years of law school weren’t exactly a picnic. I lived in a tiny, dark studio apartment, my girlfriend broke up with me, and I gained twenty pounds sitting around studying like a maniac. So you might suspect that visiting The Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA would be a triggering event.…Continue readingPit Stop #50: Massachusetts School of Law

Pit Stop #49: Roger Williams University

It’s always a treat to revisit the great, but not-so-large, state of Rhode Island. I grew up in Delaware, a state with a similar reputation for its grand quality and not-so-grand size, so Rhode Island always feels a bit familiar. This trip took me to Roger Williams University, with its main campus in the beautiful waterfront…Continue readingPit Stop #49: Roger Williams University

Pit Stop #48: Salve Regina University

On the heels of visiting St. Michael’s College in Vermont, I traveled south to another of NECHE’s liberal arts campuses, Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. One couldn’t ask for a more majestic setting for a college, as Salve’s 80-acre campus is literally perched on the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the…Continue readingPit Stop #48: Salve Regina University

Pit Stop #47: St. Michael’s College

I haven’t been on the road with NECHE since we visited the African Leadership University, so I welcomed the chance to make the drive north to visit St. Michael’s College (affectionately known as St. Mike’s) located just outside Burlington, Vermont. For a late February day, it was relatively balmy (41 degrees), but with almost no…Continue readingPit Stop #47: St. Michael’s College

Pit Stop #46: African Leadership College

(If you haven’t read my last African Leadership University blog, please do that first.) As I shared there, African Leadership University in Rwanda and African Leadership College in Mauritius are both part of the same overarching educational institution — but each is clearly deserving of its own post. Together, they were established to build upon the…Continue readingPit Stop #46: African Leadership College

Pit Stop #45: African Leadership University

I have worked in Higher Education for more than thirty years and have been exposed to hundreds of colleges, but I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed anything like the African Leadership University (ALU) in Kigali, Rwanda. (You’ll read in the next blog post about the African Leadership College (ALC) in Mauritius, and while the two institutions…Continue readingPit Stop #45: African Leadership University

Pit Stop #44: Montserrat College of Art

After our first “real” and downright spectacular Fourth of July weekend in Marblehead, I decided to stick close to home and head up the road to visit Montserrat College of Art. Montserrat’s home is the vibrant town of Beverly, Massachusetts and I had the opportunity there to spend some time with President Kurt Steinberg, and Dean…Continue readingPit Stop #44: Montserrat College of Art

Pit Stop #43: Bennington College

What do Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, and Bennington, Vermont have in common? Not a whole lot …except that each is home to an institution of higher education with a relationship to NECHE.. . and each happened to be on my visiting schedule in the past two weeks. You’ve read about Fulbright University Vietnam and…Continue readingPit Stop #43: Bennington College

Pit Stop #42: Sampoerna University

One of the things I particularly value in our NECHE members– and those institutions seeking to become members — is the incredible diversity of our group. And a trip like the one I’m now taking to the other side of the globe brings that diversity into full focus. After my formal staff visit to Fulbright University, I headed from Vietnam to Jakarta, Indonesia where I was treated to…Continue readingPit Stop #42: Sampoerna University